La’amia Hillside Remodel

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La’amia Hillside Remodel
Job Included
Construction, Remodel, Flooring, Cabinetry, and Finish

This project was a design build between the owner’s and AGT. They had purchased an older, all CMU block home that had fallen into some pretty serious disrepair. As it was designed and built in the early 60’s, it of course had all the earmarks of that era’s design standards, completely closed off kitchen from the dining room, narrow pass thru to living room, etc. We wanted all of this opened up into a more modern living space, open as much as possible for family style living and interactions. This was a bit more of a challenge than usual as the owners are hearing impaired. Since we had worked with these owners on their previous home, not only did we all get along really well, we had already worked out our own systems of communication. Another major bonus was the extreme interior design abilities of the owner’s wife. Her taste is impeccable and it really showed in the end results, not to mention how easy it made our contributions in this area too. Our biggest role here was directing the subs in the structural repairs needed and as to what extent areas could be opened up while maintaining proper shear strengths and structural integrity. We did have a great time collaborating with the owners on this one and the end results were just astonishing, especially compared to what was there when they bought it. Looking forward to the next project with these stellar human beings and great friends!


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